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30 Oct 2018

Ableton Live 10

Ableton Live 10 (v10.0.5xx) comes with a Max version (v8.0.0) which does not work with Zwobot! If you want to run Zwobot in Live 10, please download the latest Max (v8.0.1) version from https://cycling74.com/downloads.
Additionally you have to install jit.mo and Syphon/Spout via the Max Package Manager. Please make sure that you install these packages within the Max8 (v8.0.1+) environment! The easiest way to do this is to open Max8 directly through Ableton 10.

See video demonstration.


08 feb 2018

Ableton Live 10 comes without any packages for Max. If you wanna run Zwobot in Live 10 you need to install the VIDDLL engine, jit.mo and Syphon/Spout via the Max Package Manager. Please make sure you install those packages within the Max8 environment!
The easyest way to do this is open Max8 directly trought Ableton 10.

09 Nov 2018

Zwobot v1.6 update

Zwobot v1.6 is now fully compatible with Live 10 and Live 9.

Zwobot 1.6

* MONITOR - The Syphon button (useless in Windows) is now hidden on Windows systems.
* ZWOBOT - Fixed: When the engine is off the play-bar ist "playing" on startup.
* ZWOBOT - Fixed: h4v files not shown up when they are in a folder.
* ZWOBOT - New connector: Additional FX raw (+6).
* ZWOBOT - New connector: Save and restore the connector status.
* ZWOBOT - New connector: "pass“ Fx modules directly from Zwobot.
* ZWOBOT - New connector: Drag’n’Drop the FX connector drop down menus. See video.
* ZWOBOT - New: Smooth x-fade transitions with the beat-function (linear, ease-in, ease-out). Set in the monitor module.
* RACK - New: Store/reload all entries and save them to your hard disk.
* RACK - New: If double click the filename it will now reload the folder.
* AUX - New: CATCHR, SYPHON & SPOUT is now ONE module: AUX.

Modules 1.6

* REC - New: Improved recording performance.
* OFFSET - New: Change orientation and shift video/screen.
* MASK - New: Store/load masks on your hard disk. Added a grid in the background.
* STROBO - GUI & Code redesign.
* OSSI - New: XY, XY+ mode. All functions now affect the draw mode. Store values as presets and save them to your hard disk. Please check the online manual. See video.
* DELAY - Code redesign/ fixed: extreme buffer lags on startup.
* STUTTR - Code redesign/ fixed: extreme buffer lags on startup.
* STROBO - Code redesign/ new: fade time.
* ERRQUAKE - Code redesign.
* TWST - GUI & Code redesign/ animations are now a lot smoother.
* VSINE - Performance improvements.
* VSINE - Fixed: Beat function not working.
* RAINMAKER is now called FLOW.
* FLOW - New: totally module/code redesign. It now creates a way better and more dynamic flow. See video.
* ALLFX - New: when module is passes/disabled/off beat-function and sound-reactivity dialers are off.

My Graphic
My Graphic

30 mar 2018

Zwobot v1.5 now available

Updates:Zwobot 1.5

- new: Zwobot - Instant channel switch A-B to B-A
- new: Zwobot - Play mode (Loop, Palindrome, Next) now available in the Ableton midi controls
- new: Zwobot - Fade modes improved
- new: Zwobot - Jumper feature works now in remote-tracks
- new: Monitor - When the Zwobot engine is ON you’ll see the FPS count in the track name
- new: Monitor - Set precise sound reactivity Hi/Low
- new: Monitor - Show current video-clip information in Zwobot
- new: Monitor - The Syphon On/OFF switch is now hidden in the Windows environment.
- fixed: Remote - Videos (A&B) starts immediately, when initializing/open RMOTE
- new: Rack - Open current folder
- new: Rack - Empty A/B channel
- new: Rack - It is now shown if a folder or file is missing
- fixed All: Buttons behaved as toggles when midi mapped
- fixed All: a ton of stuff for Ableton Live 10
- new: It is now official allowed to use FX and modules several times at once

Modules 1.5

- new FX: VAUDIO SR - Simple audio input pattern machine
- new FX: VSINE FX - Generate simple video pattern and/or bend the video input through that patter
- new EX: MASK EX - Masking tool for generating shapes for precise projection mapping
- new EX: VSEQ EX - Video sequencer
- new: CATCHR/SYPHON/SPOUT - better performance & no more need to switch the ON/OFF button if the input changes
- new: TWST - Fully improved and more SR options
- new: DIGGI - Better GUI/ added sound reactivity
- new: VHS - Better GUI
- new: ABC - Colorize text/ better blend modes
- new: Blender - Transition mode and Instant channel switch/ performance improvements
- fixed: STROBO - Flickering in pass mode
- fixed: OSSI - Color mode via Sound not working
- fixed: OSSI - Texture mode not working
- fixed: OSSI - Flickering in pass mode
- fixed: PETRA - Flickering on startup/ sound reactivity not working

Additional 1.5

- VOLETT is now called OFFSET(!)
- Better explanations of the individual modules in the online manual

14 nov 2017

Zwobot v1.4.7 now available

Zwobot 1.4.7

- Monitor - new: All mapping information is now saved within Ableton Live.
- Monitor - new: Window position reset (if you lost your Zwobot window)
- Zwobot - fixed: Fade transitions won’t work with still images
- Blender - fixed: Blender won’t work with still images
- Zwobot - fixed: Issues with saving single movie clips
- Zwobot - new: It is now displayed with a yellow circle when an FX module is in another track (jumper feature)
- All dialers with a selection for sound reactivity can now adjusted to a precise dialer range for the audio signal.
- General - Cleaned up tons of mess and prepared Zwobot for upcoming versions

Modules 1.4.7

- AllFX - new: Wet/Dry mode
- Alpha EX - new: Code redesign/ better JPEG support
- BLOR - new: Focus mode and Hi/Low-GPU mode
- FDBK - new: New main feedback mode
- 3iDE - new: You can now play animated Collada (.dae) files. Better GUI. Rotate XYZ.
- PETRA - new: X/Y pad is now sound reactive and has a auto rotate function
- SR Modules - new: X/Y pad is now sound reactive and has a auto rotate function
- SR Modules - new: increase/decrease the weight (thickness) of lines and particles

16 sep 2017

Zwobot v1.4 now available

Zwobot 1.4

- new: Full video-sound support! Video audio ON/OFF and X-Fade audio
- new: Loop, palindrome & auto next (folder)
- new: Fade FX modes/transitions (X-Fade, Wipe X, Wipe Y, Door X, Door Y, Scale A, Scale B)(YouTube)
- new: Mirror/Kaleidoscope is now one dialer (Kaleidoscope has expanded)
- new: Minimized/better audio reactive X-Fader
- new: Extended Beat-mode range (from 32notes to 1/16note)
- new: Jump from Zwobot to FX-module if module is in a different Ableton Live track.(YouTube)
- new: Jump from FX-module to Zwobot if Zwobot is in a different Ableton Live track.(YouTube)
- new: Real A/B filter. - (YouTube)
- new: dry/wet FX/main video
- fixed: Save file-path of single clip when folder is loaded.
- fixed: Random frame on Beat-mode sometimes stops long vids
- fixed: Play/pause button sometimes needs an annoying double click
- fixed: a ton of tiny/annoying bugs and stuff not worth to mention

Modules 1.4

- MONITOR - new: Audio X-FADE ON/OFF
- MONITOR - new: Zwobot engine ON/OFF (if you don’t want to run Zwobot while editing your Ableton Live sessions)
- MONITOR - new: Flip screen horizontally (for rear side projection)
- RACK - UI alignments
- REMOTE - Realtime file number sync
- STROBO - Code/UI redesign (YouTube)- ABC - new: Store up to 5 different fonts. Line break. Adjust height alignment
- SCAN - Feature redesign. It does now what it should from the very first: Scan lines. (YouTube)
- OSSI - new: Choose color, generate sine-wave, follow mode, more styles.
- RGBEE - Performance improvements/Code redesign.
- COULEUR - Performance improvements/Code redesign. Better FX variety & range (negative)
- PETRA - new: Code redesign. More options, more useful.(YouTube)
- ERRQUAKE - new: Tremble mode (YouTube)
- BLOR - Performance improvements/Code redesign.
- VHS - Huge performance improvements
- New FX: LOOPER - My favorite one - Record loop sequences from Zwobot like a Audio Loop Station.
- New FX: NEGATIF - like COULEUR-Module on Acid.(YouTube)
- New FX: STUTTR - Stutter effect (YouTube)
- New FX: MULTI (YouTube)
- New FX: RAINMAKER - Pixel sorting/rain/burn via video-feedback (YouTube)
- New FX: DRIFT - Pixel shift (YouTube)
- New FX: BLENDER - Blend video coming from Zwobot with FX modules

Additional 1.4

- We will discontinue GRETA. You have better options now with PETRA & OSSI.

20 jun 2017

Reddit user group

Hey there! some people were asking for some kind of a forum/user-group, and i decided to open a subreddit group for all questions around Zwobot. This will help me to improve the Zwobot online manual, and hopefully will help you if you have questions about Zwobot and its modules. I choose Reddit because it's very easy, and everyone can read it without a login or something. Guess this Zwobot Subreddit will be very empty in the first time, but i'll try this out and maybe it helps someone out about Zwobot.


Grüße aus Berlin,

17 jun 2017

MAX update issue

Attention, there is an issue with the actual MAX update (7.3.4) on Windows:

"Hey folks, we discovered an issue in this latest release with jit.movie playback crashing when using the viddll engine, and have updated the installers with a fix.If you are a viddll user (i.e. anyone using jit.movie on Windows), I strongly recommend you re-download the 7.3.4 installer to get this update.Apologies for any inconvenience." - MAX dev forum

Download the fixed Windows installer here.

22 apr 2017

Cambot v1.0

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And another small m4l tool for download.:
This little tool just shows your webcam video in Ableton Live. If you are doing Ableton Live tutorials e.g. maybe this patch is something for you. . Cambot is for free: http://www.maxforlive.com/library/device/4114/cambot

22 apr 2017

Onebot v1.0

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Hey there, i made a extra litte helper tool:
Onebot just plays video files in Ableton Live. So you can directly record audio from videos within Ableton. Nothing more, nothing less. Onebot is for free: http://www.maxforlive.com/library/device/4112/onebot

14 jan 2017

Zwobot v1.2 now available

Zwobot 1.2

- new: Manual/User-Guide Zwobotmax.com/manual/
- new: Speed-Call button, on press all open modules will show up in FX-connector drop-down list (youtube)
- new: FX-connector status will be saved in Ableton Live
- new: Expand FX slots
- fixed/new: newly developed inner file-transport, code redesign (from now on: always correct file numbers)
- fixed/new: saves now folder, single files & resolution within Ableton
- fixed: low resolution on channel-B if single video-file
- fixed: double entries FX-connector
- fixed: no more disturbing film endings in random frame mode

Modules 1.2

- new module: RACK - store files & folders and save your presets (youtube)
- new module: PLURAL - Pattern duplication
- FISHEYE - fixed: problems with other modules, more shapes & background mode
- VOLETT - blend-mode has now a 0 position (no blendfx)
- MONITOR - changed UI, new Time-Cache features & custom resolution
- ALPHA - code redesign, works now in preview window & while recording, new subtractive white mode.
- ALPHA - fixed: under certain circumstances Ableton Live gets stuck. (OSX)
- COULEUR - changed UI (fast selection)
- BLORR - fixed: glow works now as it should
- GRETA - changed UI + color/texture dialers
- ERRQUAKE - code redesign, faster response, new glitch blend
- VHS - fixed: problems with other modules
- ABC - new UI, better font-edge-smoothing, choose font, font size, rotation, scroll & running line
- DEELAY - New smear effect

03 nov 2016

Update On Modules

- new module: EARL - Generate sound reactive visuals
- new module: VHS - VHS style glitch (sound reactive)
- new module: VOLETT - shutter style effect
- new module: DUKE - Generate sound reactive visuals
- optimized: BLORR - better performance & blend mode
- optimized: LINR - blend mode

30 sep 2016

Tons of amazing free vj-loops!

On www.beeple-crap.com you’ll find tons of amazing and free vj-loops!

01 sep 2016

Zwobot is Live

06 june 2018

Zwobot v1.52 update

Zwobot 1.52

* Zwobot - new: Zwobot now remembers the playback status (play/pause) when the engine is turned on again.
* Zwobot - fixed: If you run still images, connected FX modules are delaying while changing stills.
* Monitor - new: There is now a little button (L) for link/delink the Zwobot engine on/off to the Ableton Live play button.


* Rack - fixed: Rack opens random the file manager.
* Rack - fixed: Rack sends random files on startup when Rack is placed after Zwobot in one track.
* Catch - fixed: Resolution issues
* VAUDIO - new: code optimization.
* FDBK - new: removed brightness dial, added Trail mode.
* New FX Module - Deform - Deform/Bend video/texture.


* Monitor - The Monitor Module was/is killing the undo-history of Ableton Live. The „show FPS in the trackname“ in now disabled by default. Switch it on/off by clicking the fps in the Monitor module.

26 apr 2018

Zwobot v1.51 update

Zwobot 1.51

- fixed (Live10): Zwobot - Under certain circumstances modules get disconnected on Ableton Live startup.
- fixed: Zwobot Jumper feature - Yellow indicator ring shows randomly.

Just replace the Zwobot main module

28 mar 2018

VIDDLL v1.1.4 now available

Please update to the VIDDLL 1.1.4 engine via the Max Package Manager. This is the most stable version to work with Zwobot.

Ableton Live 9 users should also update the whole Max installation to Max 7.3.5

15 nov 2017

Zwobot and Ableton Live 10 beta

Ableton Live 10 beta comes without any externals for Max. If you wanna run Zwobot in Live 10 you need to install the VIDDLL engine, jit.mo and Syphon/Spout via the Max Package Manager.

30 jun 2017 (update 19 sep 2017)

MAX update issue

Please DO NOT update to VIDDLL-Engine v1.1.1. / v1.1.2 or v1.1.3 (via MAX package manager)! This versions can cause a Ableton Live crash when using Zwobot. (WIN/MAC) Please stay or downgrade (via MAX package manager) to version v1.0.9 or v1.1.0 !

07 oct 2017

Max for Live issue

Warning: Serious MacOS 10.3 (High Sierra) and Max for Live incompatibility issue

Read On

18 may 2017

Zwobot / MAX update

MAX updated the video engine. This will fix an annoying bug in Zwobot (crash after approx. 1000 video rereads). Please update this engine via MAX package manager. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoorNSXZSi4 and update to VIDDLL engine. (1.0.9)

25 mar 2017

Zwobot v1.3 now available

Zwobot 1.3

- new: Video progress bar
- Faster module disconnect/delete without much video lag
- new: Prompt module disconnect via disconnect-button in module
- fixed: long vids don’t start at frame 1
- fixed: random frame on beat sometimes stops long vids
- several code optimizations

Modules 1.3

- new: Prompt module-disconnect via disconnect-button in module
- several code optimizations
- UX/UI alignments
- new module: TWST - Audio reactive particles
- new module: RUN - Audio reactive FX
- new module: 3IDE - Load 3D files into Zwobot (obj/dae/3ds)
- new module: STROBO - Simple stroboscope FX
- new module: FDBK - video feedback FX
- ABC - fixed: no longer need to install max package jit.mo - new: full text output
- ERRQUAKE - fixed: no longer need to install max package jit.mo
- LINR - new: Audio reactive & Blend modes.
- VHS - new: works now without audio input
- RACK - new: last 7 slots now for 3IDE module.- OSSi - new: texture mode
- RGBEE - new: Audio reactive
- PLURAL - new: Random/shift mode

21 feb 2017

Zwobot Demo Version now available

There is now a demo version available.

Zwobot demo version has limited features (no fullscreen, low resolution, no fx-slots)

Update apr 22:We decided to put the demo down. As some customers say: "The demo version of the full version in no way justifies. Actually, it is a very wrong picture and was for me rather counterproductive."

14 oct 2016

Zwobot v1.1 now available

- fixed: next/prev automation doesn’t work proper
- fixed: slow Ableton Live UI
- fixed: doesn’t saves resolution-ratio within Ableton
- re-sync button is now at Zwobot Icon
- better overall performance
- +1 FX slot
- completed Midi descriptions

- new module: RMOTE - Transport/file automation from any channel
- new module: SPOUT - Spout support (Windows)
- new module: OSSI - Sound reactive oscilloscope (goo.gl/8KbRpr)
- fixed: Under certain circumstances effects may turn off while loading new effects and extensions
- better overall performance
- ALPHA now less performance eater
- MONITOR now with basic video-mapping feature
- ABC now works as it should
- completed Midi descriptions

13 oct 2016


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